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    7 Shoe Storage Solutions

    April 30, 2019

    Rows of shoe shelving in a closet.

    From parking to apartments, space in New York City is always at a premium. Take any of the thousands of Manhattan apartments for rent and you can find a closet suffering from the same symptom. Just like finding a spot on the street, locating a place for shoes in your closet can be a nightmare.

    If you’re tired of your shoes taking up valuable closet space, then you need a storage solution. Not only do they keep things organized, they make it easier to grab the perfect pair before leaving home for any occasion. Here are seven shoe storage solutions that are guaranteed to free up space inside your closet.

    1. Make It Mesh

    One of the simplest ways to declutter those shoes is to pick up a mesh utility rack. They’re free-standing, allowing you to place them anywhere in your closet, and most offer removable shelves so you can really customize your storage.

    The benefit of mesh is that your heels are kept safe. Slatted shelves tend to trap the heel, which can lead to unwanted damage. Depending on the size of your collection, you might want to pay attention to maximum weight capacities. Around 30lbs is more than enough to tackle your shoes along with your favorite boots.

    Another option to look for in mesh shelving is integration. Several models can combine to offer even more storage while minimizing the amount of space they take up in your closet. The best part about mesh, however, is that it offers a high-quality product for a mid-range price point. Who doesn’t love a bargain?

    2. Something Solid

    You can always opt for traditional shelving in your closet. Wood designs offer a sturdy place to support your footwear and always offer extra space on the floor for more. The top shelf allows room for boots and heels, while the first and second spaces are excellent for everything else.

    Wooden shelving can also tie in with your room’s current color scheme. Plus, you can paint it if you ever decide to redesign your space. With its ability to fit into your closet just like the mesh shelving, you’re well on your way to clearing up space in your closet.

    3. Over the Door

    Over the door organizers can be your best friend. Their see-through designs make picking a pair simple, their spacing and numerous pockets accommodate dozens of footwear, and they take up the least amount of space.

    By opening up a new storage option on the back of your closet door, you’re freeing up all of that space on the floor for other items. If you’re going this route, opt for something durable with large enough pockets to accommodate everything from tennis shoes to high heels. Plus, you can store just about anything in these hangars.

    4. The Cabinet

    Shoe cabinets provide a luxe look to any closet. Their wood construction is durable, the closed doors create a cleaner look, and most can accommodate up to twelve pairs of shoes. The only downside to these designs is the feet at the bottom, which eliminate floor space for anything but flip flops. Still, they’re an excellent option if you want a high-end look.

    5. The Closet Hanger

    Unlike the door hangar, this model hangs on clothes bars inside your closet. Its narrow, vertical design makes for an incredible space saver so long as you have extra hanging room. Most models have at least ten compartments, all amply sized to accommodate a variety of shoes.

    Doublecheck any model before you make a purchase to ensure each cubby hole will fit a pair instead of just one shoe. This method has worked wonders on closets for decades, making it a popular choice. Given the durability and longevity of these models, you’ll have a new best friend in your closet for a long time to come.

    6. To the Side

    If your shoe collection is larger, you might want to consider an entire shoe rack. These models can hold 30+ pairs on their shelves, are lightweight, and incredibly durable. Depending on the size of your closet, you can also pace these sideways in one of the back edges.

    The benefit here is that, with your floor clear, you can easily reach in and select any pair you own. Models like these usually have a zippered cover on the front to keep your footwear dust free, too. If you own dozens of shoes, this might be the best option.

    7. The Clip

    Clips are individual shoe holders that come in packs. They stick to the to back of your closet door, offering a firm plastic holder that slips into the hole in your shoes. These come with the benefit of door hangars but allow for more customization in how you arrange them.

    When going this route, check on the maximum size the clip can hold. Some only go up to size 14, for instance. As long as you purchase something that can accommodate your collection, you’re good to go.

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