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    Best Places on Stone Street

    January 30, 2018

    Stone Street. Cobblestone road with a row of pubs.

    Living in Wall Street apartments means you can certainly afford the finer things in life. You work hard, you deserve to play hard, and you absolutely should experience all of the best tasting food and alcohol that money can buy.
    Remember, you’ve worked your butt off to get where you are today and no one can tell you otherwise. So it’s up to you to make sure you eat in the best restaurants in the heart of the financial district, and while you’re at it you have to start drinking in the top pubs in the area as well.

    While you’re in the heart of Manhattan, you have to remember to take a break while walking down Stone Street to check out the 9/11 Memorial. This is a tribute to all the men and women who died in the horrific tragedy when the towers fell, so it’s best to stop for a moment, pay your respects, and then go about the business of having a fantastic meal and fun time in one of the local bars or restaurants.

    Speaking of the best of the best, we’d like to share our favorite Stone Street bars and restaurants with you below. We highly recommend each and every one of them and feel you should check them out at your earliest convenience.

    No Trip to Stone Street Is Complete without Visiting The Dubliner

    Why do we recognize The Dubliner as one of the top pubs on Stone Street? We love it because it’s actually a replica of a traditional Irish pub. So it feels like you’ve literally stepped back in time to the old days when things were a lot simpler.

    Not only will you have an opportunity to get some amazing drinks here, they also have remarkable traditional pub fare available for those looking to grab a bite to eat. Plus, the bar and restaurant has plenty of space to accommodate a large party. And when it’s warm outside in the summertime, they even have outdoor tables for all to enjoy.

    Route 66 Smoke House Is the Bomb

    Think about this for a second. You’re walking down Stone Street and suddenly you start to smell tantalizing barbecue wafting through the air. Your senses are suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree and you begin to salivate because the smell is so overpowering that you have to get your hands on some great tasting BBQ.

    Where would you go? Obviously, if you smell this amazing barbecue on Stone Street, you have to be standing in front of the Route 66 Smoke House. This bar and restaurant is one of the most impressive BBQ joints in all the financial district, and they have wonderful cold craft beers and some of the finest food that money can buy.

    If you happen to be a whiskey lover, you’re also going to appreciate this amazing place because this all-American bar has wonderful tasting American whiskey as well. They have communal tables inside the restaurant to eat at, or you can get a table outside to enjoy a meal during the warm weather. It’s your call so we’ll leave it up to you.

    Have an Experience You’ll Never Forget at Fraunces Tavern

    This tavern and restaurant is just two blocks away from Stone Street, but it’s definitely a place you certainly need to add to your list of establishments you’d like to check out when you’re in the financial district. The place is amazing because they have great tasting booze, incredible food, and plenty of wonderful history all under the same roof.

    As a matter of fact, this tavern is one of the oldest in the history of New York City pubs. It originally opened under the name Queens Head Tavern, and it first swung open its doors in 1762! Yes, you did not read that wrong! They’ve been serving food and drink from this location for more than 250 years and counting. And it doesn’t seem like this amazing place is in danger of closing down anytime soon.

    Guess what? Some of the most interesting characters in New York City have passed through this tavern at certain points. General Washington – a.k.a. the first president of the United States – ate and drank here; also other Revolutionary generals, the Sons of Liberty, and even British officers have graced this establishment with their presence. Not only that, but average and everyday people like office workers and dockworkers also like to frequent this one-of-a-kind pub on a regular basis.

    Did you hear about George Washington’s toast on Evacuation Day? Well, believe it or not, he actually gave his toast at this very location. This is one of the most historical taverns in New York City and it’s definitely worth visiting for the history and significance if nothing else. But you’ll also get to enjoy great tasting food and plenty of alcohol as well as you take in the amazing atmosphere and rich history of this glorious watering hole.

    If You’re Looking for a Folksy Time, Visit Ulysses

    Last but certainly not the least of our recommendations is Ulysses. This pub originally opened on Stone Street in 2003, and it’s one of the more popular places in the financial district. In fact, many consider it a financial district staple at this point.

    What’s so special about this folksy neighborhood tavern and restaurant? For starters, they have an excellent happy hour and many of the locals working in the neighborhood office buildings have a tendency to come here for a few drinks and a quick bite to eat. It’s a great place to get fantastic wine, cocktails, beer, and they have a tasty menu that you’re definitely bound to love.

    If you’re in the mood for oysters, clams, a juicy hamburger, or a Gyro sandwich, you should order it in Ulysses. And don’t forget to wash it down with a cold brew, because there’s nothing better in this life my friends.


    Take time to explore the best places to eat and drink on Stone Street in the financial district. We promise you will not be disappointed if you check out any or all of our recommendations. They really are that great.