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Dining Room For The Holidays

A holiday table setting with candles, white plates, wine glasses, and an evergreen garland.

It’s November. Thanksgiving will soon be here, and folks all throughout 15 Cliff in downtown Manhattan will, if they’re participating in the festivities, be doing a bit of redecorating to give their guests a warm welcome and get them into that holiday spirit. You might count yourself among that bunch, and while you may already know a thing or two about some general Fall decorating practices (these will come in handy when prepping most of your home, by the way), we’d like to take today to concentrate on the focal point of the Thanksgiving feast: your dining room. Read on, as we cover how you can transform your dining room into the perfect setting for a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner.

Keys To Stellar Thanksgiving Table Decor

The table is where you’ll be focusing the majority of your Thanksgiving dining room decorating efforts, but as The Turquoise Home so aptly points out, it’s more than just picking out fancy plates and forks. From the centerpiece to your color choices, you’ll really have to “bring it” in order to impress. So how should you go about it?

Let’s start with the obvious, shall we? You’ll want a dynamic centerpiece to draw the eye to the table and make things standout, and since it is fall, you can’t go wrong with a bright, colorful pumpkin sitting at the center of the table? If you’re feeling particularly energetic, you might opt for multiple small pumpkins arranged as your table centerpiece. And keep in mind, pumpkins are but one idea you can use for your focus. You can also try out ceramic decorations, fall foliage, and other ideas that might better suit your specific personality.

Once you’ve selected your centerpiece, the rest of your decorating tasks should be much easier, as you’ll be able to build your choices around that centerpiece. Patterns, colors, etc., can all complement that centerpiece in various ways, culminating in a Thanksgiving table (and dining room) setup that’s perfectly pleasing to the eye.

If you’re looking for a few more specific ideas, however, we’ve got a few you can try on for size. Why not try incorporating some fresh fruit into your setup? Or perhaps some patterned plates and napkins to throw a bit more visual interest into the mix? If you’re starved for ideas, you can always “fall back” on some Fall greenery, but remember, as long as you’re working around that centerpiece, you should be on the course to a lovely Thanksgiving table decoration that your guests will love.

15 Cliff In Downtown Manhattan Is A Great Spot For A NYC Style Thanksgiving

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