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Hosting a Killer Holiday Party

Six adults toast with flute glasses at a festive table.

With the holidays fast approaching, ugly sweater parties and classy get-togethers are just around the corner. From San Francisco to the 15 Cliff apartments in NYC, people will gather together to celebrate the spirit of the season, munch on tasty pastries and sip on spiced cocktails. If you're planning on throwing your own party, then follow these tips to make sure it's one your guests will remember.

Stick With A Theme

While the holiday is already a theme in itself, opting for a more specialized theme is a sure fire way to add a bit more fun to your event. Ugly sweater parties tend to be a favorite, allowing guests to come dressed more casual, but don't be afraid to deviate from the norm.

If you already have a steady theme that your guests love, stick with it. If not, try to come up with something unique. You could go with a black tie affair to keep things classy, make it a pajama and pancakes party, or pick a holiday movie and have everyone dress up as their favorite character.

It's All In The Drinks

Think about all of the get-togethers you've attended over the years. What made the great ones stand out? Chances are, the fun times and good memories came about with the help of a good drink. Create a signature cocktail that revolves around your theme.

You could set up an interactive bar where guests add their choice of alcohol to hot chocolate, or just leave the bar open so everyone can make their own cocktails, but a large batch of something strong and sweet will makes organizing your event a breeze. Whip up enough punch, sangria or eggnog to place some out for the party and have extras on stand by in the fridge.

Keep The Food Simple

Food is the staple of any gathering, but you don't have to serve a five course meal in order to wow your guests. Instead of spending half the night in the kitchen, opt for an appetizer and dessert menu instead. Simple hors d'oeuvres, pastries from a local bakery or a cheese platter all make for excellent and easily snacked upon choices.

Depending on your company, you might want to order pizza or Chinese from a local hotspot. As long as the food is delicious and allows everyone to mingle, then you're party is sure to be a hit.

What About Music?

Chances are, you'll want to prepare a playlist filled with classic holiday hits as well as remixes. Don't be afraid to mix in some of your guests favorite non-holiday tunes as well. However, the most important aspect of the soundtrack to your party is the ambiance it creates.

There's nothing worse than walking into an event and not being able to hear yourself think. At the same time, keep the music too quiet and your guests are likely to find themselves ready for a nap instead of mingling. Start out with something that can be talked over, but still heard in the background. You'll probably need to adjust the volume throughout the night, so keep the controller in a handy spot.

Will There Be Kids?

If your holiday bash isn't an adult only affair, then you'll need to make extra considerations for the children. Boredom can strike at any time, causing upset kids and upset guests. There's no reason that your friend's little ones can't have just as much fun as everyone else, though.

The most important step is setting up a designated area for activities. Make sure this area has plenty of snacks and kid-friendly drinks, as well as a few entertaining options. You might want to provide crayons and printed out coloring sheets, a holiday-themed craft like making ornaments from tongue depressors and glitter, or pop in a movie and provide some popcorn. Pro tip: go with all three, but place mats or a tarp down to make cleaning up afterwards as simple as possible.

Be The Life of The Party

Throwing a party where everyone knows one another makes this step simple, everyone is going to entertain themselves. If you're mixing different groups of friends, though, you'll need to plan out a little interaction. Your grab and go food display and punch bowl will work wonders here, but taking things one step further will ensure everyone has a good time.

Nothing brings people together like a holiday-themed game. Make sure to pair friends from different groups on the same teams when possible. For smaller parties, break out a board or card game that gathers everyone around a table. You could also help break the ice by doing an anonymous gift exchange, but have guests answer holiday facts in order to receive a gift.

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