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Making Your Manhattan Apartment Dog-Friendly

walking a dog downtown

Owning a dog has been shown to reduce stress and lead to better productivity and physical health. By setting up your rental in a dog-friendly manner and by working with a pet-friendly owner, you can enjoy a less stressful life with your animal companion. But even luxury apartments can feel cramped to our four-legged friends. We’re here to help with some happiness tips for dog-friendly city living.

Create Clearly Defined Space for Your Pet

If you’re looking for a dog-friendly apartment in Manhattan, look for units that offer an open floor plan, as this makes it easier to create designated areas for your pup. After you move in, mark off clear areas for your pet’s food and water bowl as well as for their bed. Be thoughtful about where you keep your dog’s toys, too. You don’t want them thinking that it’s playtime in your office area! Positive reinforcement and treats will help ensure your pet gets the message.

Pet-Proof Your Home

In addition to defining space for your furry friend, take the time to dog-proof your Manhattan apartment as well. Dog-proofing includes installation of child-proof latches to keep prying paws away from cleaning supplies, medications, and other chemicals. If you have prized possessions that a wagging tail might knock down, be sure to place those things out of reach of your four-legged friend. If you have a teething puppy, be sure to provide toys that will help them soothe their gums and keep your shoes and other chewable items stashed away so they don’t fall victim!

Stick to a Routine

Dogs love routine! It helps them understand what to expect and when. Make sure that your dog is walked at reliable times, fed at the same time every day, and gets playtime at regular intervals. Some luxury dog-friendly apartments in Manhattan even offer other concierge services that can help you find a sitter or dog walker.

Here are some other routine practices that can make your NYC apartment more comfortable (and clean) for you and your pet:

  • Washing your dog once a week with a gentle shampoo is good for their coat and for your nose! Reward bathtime with treats and praise, and your dog might even look forward to it.
  • Brush your dog often. This helps distribute your dog’s skin oils to keep their hair healthy. All of this means that your animal sheds less.
  • Wash your dog’s bed on a weekly basis. Whenever you wash your dog, wash your dog’s bed! This will prevent odor from spreading throughout your apartment.

If you have a reliable routine for walks, play, and cleaning, your dog will thank you—and you might even thank yourself!

Your dog relies on you as the center of their world, and simple steps like the ones outlined here will make your lower Manhattan apartment dog-friendly as can be, so your pup can live a long and happy life.