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    Spring Stroll On The High Line

    April 17, 2019

    people strolling on the high line bridge

    Residents of the NYC apartment rentals know well that once spring rolls around, it’s the perfect time to get outside, enjoy that Manhattan weather, and find a great place to get the feet moving and clear your thoughts.
    Now, we’re fairly certain you know all the big name spots to get your stroll on already — Central Park, Governor’s Island, the Hudson River Greenway — but what about when you want a slightly different perspective when you take your Spring jaunt through the city? For that, you’ll want to turn to High Line Park, the repurposed freight rail line that’s now one of the Meatpacking District’s most lovely attractions:

    “The High Line is more than a park. It’s a public space where you can view art, walk through gardens, experience a performance, savor delicious food, or just connect with friends and neighbors—while enjoying a unique perspective of the city.”

    How did this fabulous city space come to be, and what can you enjoy once you head down for a visit? That’s exactly what we’ll be exploring today, as we delve into the wonders of the magical High Line.

    How the High Line Came to Be

    Freight trains were once all the rage in New York City, and The High Line, built in the 1930s, was one of the routes used to transport various goods through the city back in the heyday of train usage. That era drew to a close, however, and by the 1980s, nary a single train traveled this route.

    Some wanted to demolish the High Line completely, and while it came close to annihilation in the decades that followed, residents who realized the significance and potential of this structure banded together to breathe new life into the High Line. Through a monumental transformative effort, the first section of the rejuvenated High Line opened in 2009, and it’s been picking up proverbial steam in the years since, blossoming into the grand public space you see today:

    “The High Line is now one, continuous, 1.45-mile-long greenway featuring 500+ species of plants and trees. The park is maintained, operated, and programmed by Friends of the High Line in partnership with the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation.”

    The Park is now well-known for its magnificent gardens, though, those aren’t the only features that make this place an urban gem:

    “On top of public space and gardens, the High Line is home to a diverse suite of public programs, community and teen engagement, and world-class artwork and performances, free and open to all.”

    Returning to our main point, however, the High Line is a great place to take an easy walk and see the city from a whole new angle. Read on, and we’ll show you just a few of the ways you can experience it for yourself.

    Strolling Through the High Line

    Walking through High Line Park is quite the popular activity nowadays. So popular, in fact, that there’s more than one walking tour that will help you see the sights, including:

    • The High Line and Chelsea Walking Tour — This tour starts off in the Chelsea Market, then hits High Line Park for a nice history lesson and sightseeing adventure. Your guide will be sure to point out some of the nice art and architecture for you as you walk.
    • The New York High Line Park Walking Tour — This tour makes High Line Park its focus, going through the various gardens and their plant life in detail before heading over to Pier 54 and giving guests a bit of background on this historically significant location.
    • The High Line Park and Greenwich Village Food Tour — It’s hard to go wrong with any kind of food tour, and this one grants the added bonus of heading over to High Line for a lesson on the public art and architects who designed many of the surrounding buildings.

    And even if your not keen on taking a group tour through the park and prefer to go it alone, you’re more than welcome to have at it. You’ll just need to make sure you leave some time in your self-guided jaunt for some of the High Line’s most impressive features, namely, its gardens and impressive artworks.

    The garden spaces are divided into zones, and designed with the express purpose of evoking specific moods from guests. These emotional displays vary as the flora changes throughout the year, and are complemented by the avian and insect life that inhabit the part. It’s like a living painting, made with nature itself. Those garden zones, by the way include:

    • Donald Pels and Wendy Keys Gansevoort Woodland
    • Washington Grasslands & Woodland Edge
    • Diller von Furstenberg Sundeck & Water Feature
    • Hudson River Overlook
    • Northern Spur Preserve
    • 10th Avenue Square
    • Chelsea Grasslands
    • Chelsea Thicket
    • 23rd Street Lawn and Seating Steps
    • Meadow Walk
    • Philip A. and Lisa Maria Falcone Flyover
    • Wildflower Field & Radial Planting
    • Eastern Rail Yards, Crossroads, & Pershing Square Beams
    • Interim Walkway
    • 34th St. Entry Plaza & CSX Transportation Gate

    Each offers something a bit different, so be sure to make it to as many as you can to get a feel for how varied the High Line truly is. As for the great art you’ll find here, it’s a consistently evolving collection that represent works by artists from multiple walks of life. Murals and sculptures represent many of the best works you’ll find in the park, though, so be sure you don’t miss them on your next visit.

    The NYC Apartment Rentals Make It Easy to go for That Spring Stroll

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