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Top Cocktail Bars in FiDi NY

Wall Street Apartments

Manhattan is one of the cocktail capitals of the world. It even has it's own drink names after it. So, when in New York, New York, how can you pick out the premier locations to satisfy your thirst with something worthy of praise and admiration? As with most series of elimination tasks, you start at one end and work your way to other. When done correctly, this leads you to FiDi (the bottom end of the island). If you're lucky enough to live in any of the upscale Wall Street Apartments, then here is a list of the must-try cocktail bars just a few blocks away from your home.

Bar Seven Five

Modern, sleek, and elegant, Bar Seven Five is everything a good cocktail bar should be. It's innovating movable pod design in lieu of a bar might take a little getting used to, but being waited on by the bartender is a treat all of its own. Despite the modern design and application, the menu is surprisingly old school. This location is also known for impromptu entertainment. You never quite know what to expect when you walk in. One night might feature a dance performance, while the next might showcase an opera singer's talents. It's unique, to say the least.

Recommendation: The Perfect Pearl Manhattan. It's composition consists of Bulleit Bourbon, Dolin Dry and Sweet Vermouths, and a rinse of Lagavulin Scotch.

Vintry Wine and Whiskey

Stone Street is known for it's pub scene, but amidst all the clutter of tap systems lies the gem that is Vintry. With a candlelit atmosphere and an impressive whiskey list, this locale can easily become an after work reprieve. While you may want to drink their finer whiskeys straight up, their bartenders can whip them into a wide variety of variations on classics and modern mixes.

Recommendation: Vintry's Lemonade made from Evan Williams Sour Mash Bourbon, watermelon, lemon juice, simple syrup, and Urban Moonshine Organic Citrus Bitters.

The Pearl Room

Located on the second floor of the SHO Shaun Hergatt, this delightfully modern posh lounge offers its patrons an interestingly unique drink menu inspired by the French Asian cuisine of the adjacent restaurant (same owner). You can always dine on a multi-course meal in the Michelin-star dining room or choose the three course Closing Bell Dinner, but coming here for a drink is more than satisfying enough.

Recommendation: Zakuska. Bols Genever, horseradish and szechuan pickled Satur farm beets. Don't be afraid to try it, you won't regret one sip.

Ulysses' Folk House

Ulysses has served as a getaway for the men and women who crunch numbers all day on Wall Street, but you won't need a suit and tie to get in. The Folk House is surprisingly relaxed compared to its Pearl Street neighbors. Happy Hour here is like rush hour, which should tell you how good the specials are. If you happen to get sick of cocktails (which would just be weird), there are plenty of hand picked craft beers to choose from.

Recommendation: This place serves your standards, so pick your favorite and enjoy.

Fraunces Tavern

If sipping fine spirits in the same place your forefathers did appeals to you, then Fraunces Tavern is right up your alley. One of New York's most historic restaurants, the tavern does an excellent job at preserving it's classic appeal while catering to the modern city. It isn't as fancy as the places above, but it does offer a wide variety of alcohols to choose from. If you're the only on of your friends that likes a good cocktail, they can pick from dozens of taps while you sip on the good stuff.

Recommendation: A classic whiskey sour. It's also worth mentioning that they serve oyster beer, which is delicious.

Dead Rabbit

Winner of the Tales of the Cocktails Spirited Award for World's Best Bar and World's Best Cocktail, this list wouldn't be complete without it. It's a go to here in the FiDi area as well as a sought out destination for visitors to the city. It's pub-like atmosphere is incredibly relaxing, but don't let it fool you. From its zen mastery comes a slew of cocktails that will blow your taste buds out of the water. While this is an Irish whiskey bar, you'll be able to order just about anything.

Recommendation: Cheshire Cat. A combination of tequila, rhum agricole, blanc vermouth, and an array of fuits. Yes, it will make you grin.

Wall Street Apartments

All of these premier cocktail locations are within walking distance from 15 Cliff, a first-rate residential community which chic themed, spacious layouts. It's vibrant location situates you in the heart of all that is FiDi, while it's upscale amenities create a home that's hard to leave. Enjoy serene views of the city skyline from the landscaped roof deck, grab a cup of coffee from the on-site cafe before work, or come home and relax after a night out in the resident lounge. This is a new way to live here in the city that never sleeps. Welcome to 15 Cliff.